Condition Guidelines

Very Good

Very good is generally the best condition we list. Posters will still have minimal damage but, as expected for vintage items, expect to see some colour fading on older posters, very minor chipping to the poster edges and very minor specific damage; however, we still consider them to be very good due to the poster age. Age is always a consideration when conditioning items.

Good or Good+

Good is the most common condition of our stock. Posters may have small tearing, scuffing, and some sun fading. The body of the image will be intact and the poster will be good enough to frame. Age is always considered when conditioning items.

Fair or Fair+

Fair items will always have more than 1 part damaged. Folded items will nearly always have fold holes and may be considered fold tears (large fold holes). There may be general tears and the edges will be chipped with a high likelihood of pin holes near the corners, which may be folded/dog eared. There could be minor water damage or staining/scuffing to specific areas. Fair graded posters are usually still acceptable for framing or restoring. Age is always considered when conditioning items.


Poor items will have the same kind of damage as fair items; however, the damage will be affecting the poster in a more extreme way, generally affecting the body of the poster, such as a large amount of ink showing from the rear of the poster or a large tear. It is recommended that poor graded posters are purchased for restoration or to store as part of a collection.


If you have any questions about our condition guidelines, feel free to reach out to us via the web form.

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