Rendezvous Cinema was founded in 2020 as a way to pass the time with my partner Gillian during the first lockdown, inevitably we soon had a family business to run! I've always wanted to trade in movie memorabilia, and have been a collector since my teens (a long, long time ago) My bedroom wall was covered in video posters purchased for 10p from my favourite video shop in Bognor Regis and my shelves full to the brim with big box, ex-rental videos. My love of the cinema and movie history had already begun to evolve.

I then spent some 20 years trading in used books, where I learned the benefits of excellent customer service. A key benefit of buying from Rendezvous Cinema is that we know if a job has to be done, it has to be done well!

We have an inventory of around 13,000 vintage, classic, obscure, and original cinema posters. We aim to build this inventory as high as we can through adding over 1,000 new items per month. We are used to dealing with inventories of millions of products, we are aiming big! We know all too well that the vintage poster industry is tough, shipping and packaging costs are up, sales are far from consistent, but the key reason we are doing this is because we love cinema and love the hunt for rare poster gems, our journey is truly about the journey!

We will rarely turn down the chance to buy poster collections, nor will we ever turn down the chance to sell you one, so do get in touch if you feel our price is too high!

Here at Rendezvous, we have an aspiration, when the time is right we aim to set up a charity and divert profits to that charity, the charity will be community based whilst supporting the cinema industry, please reach out to know more, and watch this space!

Please contact us if you want to know more about how we work or if you would like to sell to us, if you would like to visit us before buying then it is by appointment only but we would welcome this, we’re situated in West Sussex about 90 minutes from London.

As the man used to say on television, take care of yourselves and each other! Enjoy browsing our store..

- Michael Laundon

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