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We know the most important part of selling is ensuring the customer is happy, we will do everything we can to make this an efficient purchase but if there are any problems, be assured we will resolve all issues. Having been trading in vintage items for 2 decades we know this is the most important part of selling, nearly as important is getting a bargain, if you feel any item is over priced please do make us an offer and we'll do our best to accept it! We want to sell not hoard!



Crease lines from being folded and minimal damage to the poster or edges considering its age colours remain bright and vibrant. Your chance to get this rare original poster, for the film's Italian cinema release in 1995. Please take note of the size of this item before buying.

An eight-member crew mans a 20-metre yacht involved in a strange mission off the coast of Turkey. The memories of the captain, Giuseppe bring back to life the events that preceded their voyage. These include his separation from his wife, his work as a journalist and his move into a new apartment shared with young carabiniere officer Riccardo. Purely by chance, their lives are disrupted by the arrival of Sandra, the upstairs tenant in their building. A simple secretary Sandra is somehow involved with Giulivi, the arrogant undersecretary for the environment who has his finger in a multitude of different pies. One of his pursuits is the acquisition of "Rete Blu", the small independent TV network where Giuseppe works. Major suspicions have been aroused regarding Nautilus, the company where Sandra is employed, which is believed to be involved in some shady business with the dumping of toxic waste. Giuseppe is the right man to recover a computer disk containing the complete truth. Momentarily lost in the lining of Riccardo's uniform the disk is retrieved by Sandra without his knowledge. She disappears with it to Switzerland and returns a rich woman, having emptied Giulivi's illicit bank accounts. Persued by the undersecretary's armed henchmen the trio makes a hasty escape. What is to be done with the money? Enjoying it, as Sandra suggests or giving it to the Authority like Giuseppe says? At the end, there is another solution as well.


Poster in good condition, formally folded, but now stored flat and shipped rolled. There may be small scuffs to edges, scuffing more damage than would be expected in specific areas, please inspect photos before buying. But overall the poster is in good condition for age. Please carefully inspect images before purchasing.


This is an original genuine Italian cinema release Locandina (27.5"x13") poster from 1995


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